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  • Le r茅seau plaisance cote d'opale

    The Opal Coast group gathers the five marinas in the Nord Pas de Calais region.

  • 5 Ports sur la c么te d'opale

    Discover the marinas.

  • Tourisme

    Visiting the Opal coast ?

News and events

Download app鈥檡 marinas c么te d鈥橭pale !

Download app鈥檡 marinas c么te d鈥橭pale : you will get information about your stopovers in our marinas. Download/Apple Download/Android

New sailing partnership agreement

A new sailing partnership agreement between Northern French marinas, Belgium , Netherlands and England.

Alien invaders in estuaries

Alien invaders, otherwise known as invasive non-native species (INS), are species introduced by humans into an area where they were not present before. This...

On land and sea, we offer you more !

Download the app’ Marinas Plaisance C么te d’Opale !

Dunkerque, Gravelines, CALAIS, Boulogne sur Mer and etaples sur Mer at your fingertips.聽聽Make the most of your time in the North of France. Whether planning...

Discover our tourist leaflet

  We realized tourist leaflet to help you in the discovery of the surroundings of ports. You will have the possibility to choosing between various...

Visitors’berthing tariffs 2016

The Cruising association

For year 2014, Dunkerque (port du Grand large, port du commerce, port de la Marine), Gravelines, Calais, Boulogne sur Mer , Etaples sur Mer a 20% discount...


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